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KSEE Kindness Week


Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness
KSEE 24 Fresno-Visalia

On Sunday, February 8, 1998, KSEE 24 will join the Fresno Kindness Coalition in helping to promote a series of events and activities which are designed to encourage average citizens to commit random acts of kindness in ouf community. This unique week-long campaign combines specially produced public service announcements news features public; programming and special appearances by KSEE 24 news personalities at local events and activities which are organized by the Fresno Kindness Coalition.

According to Linda Lester, Coordinator of the Fresno Kindness Coalition the purpose of random acts of kindness is to build the public's awareness that individuals have the power to make their communities a better place to live simply by reaching out to one another with acts of kindness no matter how small. Lester says that her goal is to get all residents of Fresno, who are struggling with crime and violence, to return to the long-lost human value of expressing simple kindness in our day-to-day lives.

During KSEE 24 Kindness Week the public will be encouraged to send postcards to KSEE 24 containing their messages of kindness to share with viewers. Kindness notes will also posted on KSEE 24's internet web site so that residents can enjoy these motivational messages at their leisure. These can be found at KSEE 24 will also develop news stories featuring unique random acts of kindness stories that are reported by local residents.

Throughout the week, local schools, organizations and church groups will be encouraged to participate in a number of community events which are being organized by the Fresno Kindness Coalition and sponsored by KSEE 24. Here is a schedule of events:

Sunday, February 8, 7:00 a.m. - Kindness Fun Run
The Second Annual Commitment to Kindness Fun Run at Woodward Park kicks off KSEE 24 Kindness Week. Participants can register for a 2-mile run or walk, or a 4 mile run. The entry fee is $10. Race Guru, Ken Takeuchi, will direct the Fun Run. Register by calling Teri Terry at 498-2487. One dollar from each entry will be donated to the Fresno PAL Program.

Monday, February 9 - Kindness in the Streets
Members of the Fresno Kindness Coalition, the Fresno Police Department and Uncle Harry's Bagels will greet motorists with special acts of kindness. During KSEE 24's popular Sunrise show that airs from 5:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., Uncle Harry's will provide bagels and hot coffee in the parking lot at Shaw and Blackstone. People who share a random act of kindness story with Faith Sidlow will receive a free t-shirt. Motorists can also show their support for kindness week by turning on their lights or honking their horns. Meanwhile, if you get stopped by a Fresno Police officer, you just might get a "kindness citation," instead of a traffic ticket.

Tuesday, February 10, l997 - Be Kind to A Teacher Day
Teachers in our society often go unappreciated for all their hard work. On this day, KSEE 24 and the Fresno Kindness Coalition will encourage students to be extra kind to their teachers. Students can do simple things, like being extra courteous, writing a nice essay about their teacher, or doing something old-fashioned", like giving their favorite teacher an apple or candy.

February - February ll - Kids Link Up for Kindness - Noon
Mayor Jim Patterson will greet hundreds of children of local school at Fresno City Hall. The children will link up with paper chains that contain kindness messages which they have created in their classrooms and encircle the Fountain area. They will sing kindness songs as Mayor Patterson presents certificates to the participating schools.

Thursday - February 12 Circles of Kindness & Flyover
The Fresno Kindness Coalition will organize an aerial flyover at 12:30 p.m. to photograph all schools that are creating circles of kindness on their campus. This year more than 20 schools will be participating in this unique event. This activity involves hundreds of students from each campus. In the past, students have formed hearts, doves, Olympic rings, peace signs and other unique patterns to show their commitment to kindness. Residents can see the circles of kindness on KSEE 24 at 5:00 and 6:00 p.m.

Friday, February 13 - Rally for Kindness - Noon
Students at Fowler High School will stage a lively rally at lunch time in the quad area of the school grounds. School counselors and students are planning for D.J. music, a tally of kind acts from a pass-along card, plus games and prizes. During the week students who commit a kind act for another person will sign their name on this card. They will then pass the card to another student to do the same. At the end of the week the school will tally up the number of names and kind acts that have been committed.

Saturday - February 14- Kindness to a Loved One and Cards to Seniors
residents will be reminded that it's Valentine's Day... a day to be especially kind to that loved one in their life! Residents will also be encouraged to visit lonely seniors or grandparents and share with them a special Valentine card or other special gesture as a random act of kindness.

KSEE 24 and the Fresno Kindness Coalition will conclude the week by urging residents to promote the spirit of kindness throughout the year. KSEE 24 and members of the Fresno Kindness Coalition believe that as more people embrace the spirit of kindness, our community will be a better place to live. To find out how your group, school or organization can get involved with KSEE 24 Kindness Week and the Fresno Kindness Coalition, call Linda Lester at 492-8236 or FAX your ideas to 431-6529. We welcome your requests for additional information or interviews.

KSEE 24, February 1, 1997

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