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Hour of Power

Kindness backer on 'Hour of Power'

by Rochelle Wilkerson

Chuck Wall takes the "random act of senseless kindness" campaign - popularized in Bakersfield - around the world today and Sunday via television.

Wall recently appeared on the religious program "Hour of Power" with the Rev. Robert H. Schuller. The program will air 6 p.m. today on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and 9 a.m. Sunday on ABC Channel 29.

Contemporary Christian singer Sandi Patti also was a guest on the program.

An audience of 1.3 million people views the program in the United States, but the total number worldwide is unknown, according to a program spokeswoman. The "Hour of Power" is broadcast in Australia, Russia, Holland and most of Europe.

'It was a phenomenal experience," said Wall, a business instructor at Bakersfield College. "The 33-acre campus of the Crystal Cathedral should be a microcosm of the way people should behave around the world with warmth, compassion and concern for others."

Schuller interviewed Wall and allowed him to challenge the congregation to make a habit of committing random acts of senseless kindness, Wall said.

"I tried to keep Bakersfield in there whenever I could to remind people that this is a Bakersfield project and that it all started here."

Wall and a human-relations class at BC revived a campaign that encouraged people to perform a kind deed each day. News of the class spread, resulting in media coverage, including an article in People magazine and Wall's appearance on Oprah Winfrey's show.

Wall and his wife sold bumper stickers and T-shirts promoting the act after the two taped programs. The proceeds will go to BC, according to Wall.

"They did not want any of the money. They said it was their random act of kindness," Wall said.

Reprinted with the permission of The Bakersfield Californian

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